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Progressive Online Casino Jackpots

Some of the most exciting of all online casino games are the ones that have progressive jackpots because these are the games can literally turn players into multi-millionaires with the click of a button. Over the past few years, more and more players have started signing up to online casinos and they continue to play on these games on a daily basis, which has meant that the progressive jackpots can climb to such high amounts in a relatively short period of time. Most progressive jackpots are actually connected to networks of online casinos where millions of players all compete for the same accumulating prize pool.

It is quite common to visit an online casino today that has several progressive jackpot game with prizes worth more than $1,000,000. Players can even watch as the prizes climb in real-time as other players spend money on that particular game. For each stake that is wagered on any progressive jackpot game, a small percentage of that stake will be added to the main prize pool, which is why the prizes seem to be continuously growing.

The rules for winning a progressive jackpot will vary a great deal, so before you start spending money on a progressive jackpot game, take a few minutes to go through the rules. For example, to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot on a progressive slot, you generally need to play with the full amount of paylines active per spin. If you are playing a progressive table or card game, you usually have to play with the AA bet activated.

You can also now find various other games with these huge prize pools such as progressive video poker and progressive scratchcards. If you want to play on the games that everyone else is playing, the progressive jackpot games are the ones that tend to attract the most attention, especially when they have exceeded $1,000,000. In January 2013, an online slot machine paid out as much as €17.8 million to one lucky player. This record-breaking amount broke the previous world record jackpot amount of €11.7 million.

Microgaming has developed the most popular progressive jackpot network. Since its inception, it has paid out more than €150 million in winnings. You can play for a progressive jackpot at any time of the day and as soon as one lucky player wins the main pot, that jackpot will reset to is original seed amount so that it can start climbing again.