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Slot Rules

Because there are so many different online slots out there today, the best thing to do when you launch one for the first time is to check out the rules. Most slots rules can be found from within the paytable. If the slot doesn't have a paytable, the chances are that it will be fairly easy to play and therefore it won't need any rules. The general principle with most online slots is to hit spin and then hope that the reels align with X amount of matching symbols.

Before you take your first spin, you will need to set your stake. You can do this by using the user-friendly player controls which are usually located beneath the reels. You can also select how many paylines you would like to play with per spin (unless the slot has just one winning payline) and we always recommend playing with the full amount of paylines active for each spin that you pay for. This means that you will never miss out on a win.

Another reason why you should always play with the full amount of paylines activated is because on many slots, the bonus rounds or jackpots can only be triggered when all paylines have been selected. If you find that the rules are not clearly explained in the paytable, there may be another button that you can press which could contain a more detailed explanation. This button could be the 'info' button or the 'help' button, either of which should be quite easy to find.

Once you have learned the rules to one slot, whether it is a single-lined classic slot or a multi-lined video slot, you should find that the next slot will be much easier to get to grips with. The rules are fairly universal and quite straight forward, which is possibly what makes online slot machines so appealing.

Slots Strategy

There is no real slot strategy available that will give you a guaranteed edge over the house but there are ways to make your bankroll stretch as far as possible. The first thing to consider before you launch a slot is how much you would be willing to spend per spin. If you have enough cash to afford playing on the multilined video slots, we recommend playing on these because the payouts can be enormous. Also, we recommend checking out the progressive jackpot slots because the individual jackpots can frequently exceed $1,000,000.

Its better playing on a slot where the prizes really mean something. One other good piece of advice is to close the slot as soon as you get that sinking feeling, otherwise you could end up rapidly losing all your money. Head back to the main lobby where you can reassess the situation and try to get into a more positive mind set before you launch another slot. Try not to continue gambling just for the sake of it. If you can't leave it alone, at least try and reduce your stake until you hit a winning streak again.

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